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You’ll learn three simple strategies for controlling your blood sugar, that you can put into practice right away!

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Whether you are new to diabetes, or you've had diabetes for a while,
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Struggling to manage your Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-diabetes?

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With over 20 years of experience helping and guiding people with diabetes improve their health, we know what works, and what doesn't. We know what it takes to live a full, rich life without feeling deprived or depressed, all the while successfully managing your diabetes or pre-diabetes!

Are you confused by all the claims to “cure” Diabetes in 2 weeks or less? We know what's realistic and works long-term, not just a short term fix.

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The Diabetes Nurse

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At The Diabetes Nurse, we help you learn new eating behaviors coupled with adopting a whole new mindset and way of thinking about your eating habits AND your life. We work with you every step of the way while teaching you everything you need to know in managing your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.


Services We Offer


Healthcare Professional

Want your patients learn how to manage their pre/diabetes through successful lifestyle and behavior change.




Diabetes Programs

I offer programs that are easy to understand, with do-able steps so you reach a healthy high quality of life!




Through our proven system which we call the 5M's of Managing Diabetes Health namely Meals, Mindset, Movement, Monitoring Health Status, and Medicines, Mary Costa, RN Certified Diabetes Educator has over 25 years experience working in the preventive health industry to assist you in more than just managing your diabetes. She will guide you in achieving a vibrant style of living WITH diabetes, not constantly fighting against it.


Learn the secrets to healthy eating, even if you’re a foodie; and still have great blood sugars.


Your most important asset. Learn to invest in thoughts, goals and behaviors that lead you to your best health, so that you can enjoy a great quality of life.


Don’t like the thought of injecting insulin? Inject some movement in your routine instead, it’s your best plan for living younger longer.


What you don’t know CAN hurt you. Because you "feel" healthy doesn’t mean you are. Know how to evaluate your health status.


Learn which medicines, supplements or therapies will provide you your best health, and what "cures" are a waste of money.

The Diabetes Blog

Learn About Smart Tips and Info to Help YOu!

Coming Soon! A needless pain free way of…

Gone may be the days of sitting in the lab waiting room as you nervously anticipate your turn to have a lab draw. The old large needles, and tourniquets used...

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May 31st is “World No-Tobacco Day”

So what do diabetes and World No-Tobacco Day have in common? Actually I was shocked when I did the research…  I suppose I should have known…but I didn’t… Smoking causes diabetes?!? According to the...

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Remote Control Workout

I laughed as I remembered what Richard told me about his exercise, or movement routine. At first I didn’t get it, what he was showing me, but then I saw...

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I give up trying to control my diabetes!

Liz threw down her food and blood sugar long on my desk as she entered my office; clearly she was frustrated, and confused. “Let’s talk about it, tell me what’s happening...

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I’m going to pass out if you make me do …

Larry had a needle phobia, and teaching him to inject himself with insulin was going to be a challenge for him.  While not those exact words, most of my patients...

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But I love food! I’ll never be a good di…

Lisa grumbled (a combo of mumbled and groaned) as she learned she had Type 2 diabetes. She looked like she was in a daze absorbing the news of her diagnosis...

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The mindset of navigating food challenge…

Navigating the holidays, celebrations and social events  when you have diabetes can be a challenging time.  Sometimes they bring stress and anxiety and other times; joyous happy times together.  Often...

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The High Cost of Ignoring Symptoms and W…

For about a week, I'd been smelling this odd smell while driving my car around town. Sort of like a wet burning dust smell, but there were no warning lights...

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Cure Diabetes? Really?

What do you really think about all the claims that are currently on the radio, internet and TV that say: “You can cure diabetes within 2 weeks using our product”...

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About Mary Costa


Mary Costa, a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator has worked for one of the largest HMO’s in the country for nearly 30 years. She works exclusively with Adults who have diabetes: consulting, teaching, advising, and adjusting medications by protocol to help her patients reach healthy blood sugar levels. Mary is also the president and CEO of “Transform Your Diabetes Health” an online organizatio....

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